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If you're a switched on real estate leader looking to take your enterprise to the next level, then the Business Accelerator program is for you.

Imagine being in a 12-month support program and achieving these outcomes: 

  • Up your recruiting game into your sales team
  • Have a 20% lift in productivity from your current team
  • Create a stronger performance culture
  • Have a better support network
  • Build more effective referrals between sales & PM
  • Have double-digit growth in your PM business
  • Become an even more effective leader
  • Build your brand strength in your market
  • Achieve your revenue and market share growth goals
  • Create better work/life balance

Proven Methodology

Take part in tried and tested programs designed and refined to ensure you reach your full potential and help you achieve even greater results for you, your team, and your business.

Online Resources

Learn at your own pace in your own time. You’ll have access to custom-built programs and hundreds of hours of content ready whenever, and wherever, you need it.

Ongoing Support

Every month members have access to an exclusive 90 minute real-time Accelerator Session, including progress reviews, deep dives, and performance coaching.

Ingredients of Business Accelerator

The five pillars of Business Accelerator will bring your vision into reality. Defining your vision, creating a growth roadmap to reach it, building your skillset, putting a performance culture in place that ensures your whole team is aligned, and projecting a strong mindset and energy that invigorates and inspires. With the right support around you who knows where you’ll go, or what you can achieve. 

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Supporting Your Vision

The ultimate goal of a great leader to communicate your vision in a way that’s relevant and engaging to every single member of your team. We’ll give you clarity on what that means and looks like for your operation, so that vision can become  a thread weaving value throughout your business. 

Strategise Growth Plans

It all begins with a vision, but without actionable growth plans your pathway to that vision can be hard. We’ll help you focus on the right priorities, at the right time, paving the road to ensure you’re on track.

Building Skillset

A plan without the right skillset is like a ship without a rudder. As a leader you need to have what it takes not just to manage your business operationally but to coach your team to be the best they can be. Mastery is all about leaning into what you already know, taking it to new heights, and bringing your team up with you.

Performance Culture

Business and real estate is not a solo game - it’s a team sport. What kind of performance culture you want, and how do you create it? Building a high-performance culture means understanding recruitment, engagement, and alignment. Recruiting the right people, engaging with them at the right level, and aligning them to reach your growth plans.

Mindset & Energy

The ultimate decider, and final ingredient of true mastery, is your mindset and energy you bring to everything you do. It has to be open, focussed on growth, and inclusive. The number one thing that people feed off from leaders is their energy, and you want energy to create momentum to bring people with you on your success journey.

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Monthly Online

Accelerator Sessions


Work directly with Michael to unlock your true business potential. Every month you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a 90-minute Accelerator. Each Accelerator has a specific focus of a learning "deep dive", a progress review and performance coaching. Live participation in these Accelerator sessions is essential to gain the maximum value from the program.

And yes, you can have your entire leadership team attend.

Each session will be divided into 3 parts - a Strategy Deep Dive, a Progress Review, and Performance Coaching. These will be recorded into chunks, so if there's a particular aspect you want to replay or share with others in your team, you can invite the relevant people to be part of the session or have them watch it after.

You'll find these on your dedicated Mastery KnowledgeHub.

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Your Online Resources 

Business Accelerator is the leadership and business support system designed to ensure your intentions turn into powerful actions and ultimately great results, and these are some of the programs that will help turn that goal into reality.

Business Builder

This is the ultimate business growth program. 

Success leaves clues, and success in business is not an accident. It’s waiting for everyone who chooses to seek out the very best business building strategies, and who then commits to implementing those strategies.

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Coach the Coach

The ultimate empowerment program to enhance your ability to help others succeed.

The true essence of leadership is being able to shift, engage, and inspire others to achieve outstanding results. Get ready to move you and your team at an accelerated pace with this program.

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Sales Managers Program

It’s time to drive your sales growth goals to a new level.

This program is designed to build high performing sales teams that produce outstanding results, filled to the brim with strategies to ensure you out-perform the competition.

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I have worked with a number of mentors over the years. But no one even comes close to knowledge, expertise and method on overall Real Estate Business. I started working with Michael when we were two offices and 26 People. Michael is the undisputed no 1 coach and mentor in Australian real estate market.

Sunil Kumar
Director, Reliance Real Estate

Through the formative years of my leadership journey, I wish that I had met Michael and become his student. Success may have come sooner or at least the angst of the lonely journey may have been appeased. I urge you to invest in yourself and your people as that is all we have.

Megan Jaffe
Principal Licensee Agent & Owner, RayWhite Remuera

I have worked with Michael for many years.  What I like is his passionate commitment to making us better. This can be confronting at times but he is very genuine in his intent. I have a high degree of trust with him, openly discussing issues which always leads to solutions, often out of the box solutions.

Ewan Morton
Joint Managing Director, Morton

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